After several updates and improvement stages, the new is online. Simpler, friendlier, better prepared now, more than ever, to intercept the freshest ideas. It’s our command tower. Why? Because this is the place where you will find everything you need to know about us and you will also have to means to give us all the information we need in order to plan your creative flight.

Discover the new portfolio

We think that what we do speaks from itself about our work principles and about our way of getting things done. That’s why our portfolio has been refreshed. We wanted to give you a complete online experience with accurate information and some great graphic content.
It does not matter what do you want to discover. It might be our branding style or maybe the packaging work that has our signature on it. Anything you are interested in, there is available our project filter. Explore our creative world easy and fast!

We communicate efficiently

The new website facilitates the communication between you and BrainUP. And no, we are not limited to a phone number and an email address. Our brief is one of the most important updates. We believe it will make our collaboration easier, with mutual benefits.
We receive every information we need in order to do an evaluation of your project/company, while you have the opportunity to make an assessment of your business. This step will prove to be very useful in the development of a future strategic plan.

Use your laptop, your smarthone, your tablet… it really does not matter the device you are using. We think your experience will be the same: friendly and constructive.

So welcome to the digital universe of the creatively winged ideas!