IQads organised the first edition of Marketers’ Cooking Cup by Lidl. And one of our most delicious projects, Frez, participated with a joyful, funky and eager to cook team. So we cooked up for the competition the Order of the Frezuits!

We have some experience regarding the competitions organised by IQads. For starters, BrainUP is the author of the competitions’ logos. More on that here. Secondly, we also took part at an edition of Agencies’ Cooking Cup. We know what’s what.

So we decided to send Frez to the competition. But not just like that. We are creative people, a little bit of branding here and there is a must! So, first things first, we chose a name. The Frezuits expresses what we all wanted: a fanatical devotion to Frez and good food. Other name candidates: Frezedists (a tongue-in-cheek name with a political party resonance) and Funky Grandma & Sons/Nephews (we’re keeping this for future puns).

And if you have a name, why not a logo also? Therefore, we created an all-delicious-seeing eye. And if you have a logo, why not a slogan also? This came naturally: In frez we trust. How else?

Frezuits Logo

The Frezuits got a great reception at the competition. They cooked, they preached, they had fun, and they even made it to the finals. They didn’t win the cup, but they got the special award. This brings us joy!