BrainUP is a creative studio

We build and rebuild
brands, we make them
fly high, and we make
sure they always have
enough fuel to remain
on top of their market.


Attaching wings to the right ideas means delivering
the solutions that best fit you. It means creativity
with a purpose. If you work with us, we guarantee
there is only one direction you’ll be heading: UP.

We believe in efficiency and creativity.
We believe in custom-made solutions.
We believe in the good ideas that come along when
we do our job responsibly and passionately.

And this blend is the fuel that makes our wheels go
round and will drive your business sky high.

Depending on what your business requires,
your branding project may include packaging,
web design and development, print, audio-video,
events or something else altogether.

But no matter what we do for you, we always
follow our principles: high quality creative work
and responsibility.

Here at BrainUP, we like to do things the right
way. We know you are unique and you have own
voice and values. We understand your needs and
your customers’ needs.


Here are three things you should take into
consideration in order to have a pleasant flight

winged one

Easy, quick projects

There are none. The result might look like it was
an easy task, but it takes a lot of effort to make
anything in advertising seem effortless.

From research, planning and communication
strategy building, to every line drawn on a print
and every word in a sentence.

winged two

Our pitch

To put it simply, we don’t do them. In our experience
we discovered that they tend to be a waste of time and
money, both for us and for the client.

We mean business and we take each project seriously.
When we’re asked to do pitches, we feel there is a lack
of trust and that we are not being taken seriously.
This is why we want to make it clear that our flights are

winged three

Trust is important.

It’s vital for both of us to trust each other.
It’s the beginning of every beautiful friendship.
We believe in your business and your product and
we want to take you to new heights.

Trust our work. We love feedback, especially
if it’s constructive, but we’re not keen on hearing
about how we should do our work.