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Brand Naming, Brand Identity Packaging Design, Brand Narrative, Copywriting, POS Collateral, Webdesign


ING means more than banking. The bank’s strategy consists in continuous innovation in the search of new solutions for its clients, but also in the process of internal improvement. The short and medium term strategies target, among other things, a transparent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity.

From an internal communication perspective, the marketing and communication team needed graphic support for their planned course sessions. Considering the fact that these were being lectured for leadership and educational training, a little more interactivity was absolutely necessary.


In order to create a presentation of ING’s CSR projects, we put together an anual report. It was designed as an illustration, friendly and graphically enhanced. This way, we could mark the most important moments. To sum up, the attention of the public was gained way more easier compared to a standard verbal presentation of some statistic data.

When it came to leadership and professional training, we thought the most inspired solution would be creating a series of animated videos. ING specialists were about to start the lecture of different subjects in front of large audiences like students and non-governamental organizations. The animated videos were useful and eloquent because it provided us exactly that type of solution that would help the speaker present a process thoroughly.

Our main challenge was drawing in real time, but it was worth it. The final result met our client’s expectations, but also confirmed our beliefs regarding this project.

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