We have always thought that a project goes beyond the usual agency-client relationship. It can lead to a great non-work related friendship. One of the examples we can give it’s Elfi. Considering our background, a few days ago Adi Constantin, Elfi’s manager, paid us a visit. It was the perfect setting to have a cup of coffee. We talked about the post-campaign dynamics, about business and perspectives.

Elfi - before and after “The hygienic friend” campaign

“The first reactions were promising and I think that BrainUP helped us decisively. Why am I saying this? At the very beginning of this campaign, our main objective was to improve at a consumer’s perception level. We wanted people to identify with Elfi. Now, after a few months, I can certainly tell that we made it happen: a improvement in mental positioning from the consumer’s perspective”, says Adi.

Your competition - Is the market ready for advertising campaigns?

“From an investor’s perspective, I think that the market seems well prepared. Sometimes it surprises me. Things happen and it’s obvious. One of the reasons why we are constantly investing in advertising is our competition’s growth at this level. But, considering what we’ve done so far, the thing that makes me happy is our progress”, he states.

One of the most important post-campaign aspects it’s the feedback. Auspicious or not, it should be analyzed and explained in order to emphasize the next strategic directions. Adi does not specifically remember a piece of feedback, but in his opinion the most remarkable thing was the fact that Elfi received a lot of positive reactions from all around the country. Definitely a good sign.

Advertising - What to expect from Elfi?

“We have some ideas well kept in our short-term strategic plans. But we everything must be done considering some internal financial reports. We are trying our best and we think it’s essential to have a relevant budgetary division. For this second half of 2017 we want to start a new project with BrainUP. So make room in your agenda!”, Adi tells us.

Fiscal value trend - 2017

“2017 will probably bring Elfi an extra income. The assessment sounds great. I can also mention some of the factors I consider main talking points of these financial prospects: our production standards, the advertising, our pricing policy and there are so much more”, says Adi.

As we speak, Elfi is highly visible, enjoying a boost of positive energy and with a great market anticipation spirit. Everything thanks to the constant investment. They are following a well defined brand strategy, driven by passion.

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